If there was ever an excellent advertisement to encourage young men to enter the medical profession then I think this pairing with Chad Johnstone and Tom Nutt would have to be it. Then again I’ve thought similar about joining the army when we’ve had some of those awesome military themed scenes in the past!

This bareback pairing was bound to get some appreciation from the fans, and of course it did exactly that. So, without further ado, lets check out what some of the members thought about this video:

New boy Chad Johnstone gives Tom Nutt a good seeing to 1

I’m not sure that there’s anything planned to be released in the next couple of weeks with either of these boys appearing, but you can bet that they’re making plans at Staxus HQ to get more of these two out there for you guys. I agree too that Chad was really into the action in this one, I think a lot of the fans agree that he’s an incredibly eager boy able to deliver.


New boy Chad Johnstone gives Tom Nutt a good seeing to 2

There is more medical themed hardcore coming in the Raw Medics 2 series, so hopefully these will meet your expectations. I think it’s probably a little difficult for boys like Tom to play a convincing doctor, because lets face it it’s unlikely anyone of his age would ever be able to perform in such a job – don’t they have to have something like 15 years of training? lol


New boy Chad Johnstone gives Tom Nutt a good seeing to 3

I love both of these boys, but I know what you mean about Chad stealing most of the attention out of the two. He’s a great performer and I know you’re not the only one who wants to see him stick around for more. I can imagine that as long as he’s willing to perform he’s going to have a place at Staxus! Lets both hope for more of him in the weeks and months to come :)


New boy Chad Johnstone gives Tom Nutt a good seeing to 4

As a cum fan myself I entirely agree with your comment. Obviously there’s a lot of cum fun on the site, with thousands of videos to enjoy and almost all of it being bareback, but there is something far hornier about seeing jizz being fucked into a willing bottoms hole :)

Thanks for the comments on the video guys, keep that going on future scenes too, it’s great to see you all enjoying the action and giving your opinions on it.