We all knew this pairing was going to be popular. The combination of fit young hottie Rob Nielsen and smooth young twink Martin Rivers was sure to grab a lot of attention, and it’s done exactly that. If you haven’t watched Fight Night scene three yet then what are you still doing here? Click through and chek it out, or read some of the comments from members and find out what they think…

Needless to say, you’re not the only one! I don’t think any sane guy would be able to resist that cute face and his sexy smooth twink body.

I’ve never really been very interested in some of the hardcore domination we see in a lot of gay porn these days but seeing a handsome and fit young man like Rob taking control of the situation with a twink like Martin really does it for me. Rob really got me going in this video, I’m glad he worked his magic on you too :)

I think you’ve identified one of the best things about this video. The difference between Rob and Martin really makes Martin stand out. He was already a gorgeous and smooth young twink, but seeing him up against a tanned and muscled young man like Rob really shows him off in an amazing way. That’s one of the reasons I go against popular opinion when it’s a big and powerful muscle man fucking a twink bottom, I love that comparison.

Thanks for your comments guys. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! If you’re one of those guys reading this who hasn’t watched it yet, you really should treat yourself and click through to see it.