I’m quite sure that before we announced this coming video on the blog before it arrived no one could have predicted that STAXUS would be delivering something so amazing on Christmas Day itself, but what a gorgeous gift it was for us all. The sight of stunning superstar Noah Matous in a flip flop fuck with bareback buddy Martin Rivers was bound to cause a stir, and indeed it has. We have a few great comments on it so far, and it has a full 5-star rating from all, probably the most loved scene of the year! So, if you haven’t watched it already, check out the comments we have and then click through to enjoy it, and leave your own opinion, too.

Martin Rivers and Noah Matous flip flop 1I know a lot of the members missed Noah for the time he was away, but I hope this marks a return for the boy and that we’re going to be seeing more of him for the next couple of months. I think there’s a real risk of overdosing on a new boy when they become so popular, so in a way I’m glad he took that break. And what a way to bring him back too! Martin is a sweet young hottie and a perfect boy to share a flip flop fuck with :)

Martin Rivers and Noah Matous flip flop 2When Martin arrived for his first video I was really hoping the fans would take him on and really start demanding more of him. I think he has the potential to be a very big star here at STAXUS. This flip flop fuck with Noah is definitely going to get him a lot of attention too. I’m glad you enjoyed it Ryan, let’s hope for more from both these boys in January.

Martin Rivers and Noah Matous flip flop 3I knew it was going to be a popular video but I have been surprised to see it being voted so highly, it means that everyone who has watched it so far has given it the maximum rating. I don’t think any other video in 2016 got a full 5-star rating from everyone who watched it. And now I’ve said that someone is going to go and give it only 4 just to mess it up lol

Thanks for all your comments on the video guys, I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. Let’s hope we get to see plenty more of both boys in the next few months. If you still haven’t seen this one yet then click through and enjoy it.