Of course I had to write a comment post on the recent video with gorgeous boys Lucas Drake and Angel Lopez for the Face to Face video. I think we all knew that boys like these would get a lot of attention from the members and it seems you guys really enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen the video yet then you really need to go and take a look, but perhaps after reading some of the comments from the members already.

It’s been a great series and this final video in the collection might be one of the best simply because of the boys appearing in it. I’m glad you liked it Mario!

I think it’s probably hard to go wrong when you have boys like Angel and Lucas teamed up with each other for a bareback fuck, but everything about this duo worked for me and it seems plenty of you agree.

I think Lucas has been a little typecast as a bottom. That happens quite a lot in the business. We know he’s great in either role and seeing him topping in this one with Angel was a real treat in my opinion. I really wouldn’t mind seeing him topping again a lot more in the future!

I’ve made that joke a couple of times now and it doesn’t age well lol

Stories and themes can be tricky things. You don’t want to spend so much time on the story that there’s not enough time to have some horny fun. And I’m right there with you on wishing to be involved! :)

Thanks for the comments guys, I’m glad so many of you enjoyed the scene. If you haven’t watched it yet you really should go and check it out.