I thought it was about time I did some commenting on your comments, or more accurately the comments of the members. I was looking through some of the recent arrivals on the site seeking a good candidate and when I saw the responses to the recent arrival with Alex Stevens and Jose Fernando in a bareback fuck (remastered) it was clear this one needed to be it.

Then again, I am a complete and utter fanboy for gorgeous Alex, so any chance I get to share him with you guys again is going to be taken! lol

So, what did the fans think of this one?

Oh, my teenage crush, sweet Alex Stevens! Indeed one of the most charming guys Staxus ever had, great looks, a magic smile, and a hunger for cock nobody would ever have thought possible from a supposedly straight guy. He’s earned a place in the hall of fame! :) Jose’s not bad either! – NymphoManiac_Funseeker

I agree with everything but I have to take exception to the last part. Jose is GORGEOUS, and that dick he has is immense! I especially loved the sight of Alex sucking that perfectly pink and smooth helmet as the boy bathed him in cum :)

I remember this scene as one of the best of Alex. I even bought the dvd ;) . This scene belongs to the “past”, but i want to say just a simple thing : a big hooray to the “past” ;) – Vaclav

I bought the DVD too, and I think I must have watched it about 500 times by now! This kind of action is timeless in my opinion. Unlike the classic porn from the early 90’s where you can tell what period it’s from I’m not sure movies with boys like Alex will ever suffer that same fate of becoming “past”. I can imagine us all enjoying him in another thirty years – while a sexy male nurse assists me, of course :)

Like a Jeremy Jordan or for those who remember the 1980s a Kevin Williams or Kurt Marshall, there are guys like Alex Stevens who really and demonstrably enjoy having sex and getting fucked. I rushed to purchase the dvd “Bare Reunion” as I eagerly anticipated any scene graced by Alex Stevens’ masterful bottoming performances. – Ringwraith

It really is hard to believe that Alex was entirely straight off camera, right? I mean, of all the many boys we’ve seen cum and go over the years, and even though plenty of them loved to get fucked, Alex is one of those boys who really put in 110% in every scene he appeared in.

Thanks for the comments guy, keep it up and give me plenty more opinions on all the other videos in the future too, lets show all the passing clickers what they’re missing.