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I guess we shouldn’t have been too surprised, but we had some pretty intense interest after adding some of the pics today showing the action in a new hot skater boy video with Rudy Valentino, Dick Casey, Tim Law, Brad Fitt and Timmy Taylor. It seems a lot of our biggest fans can’t wait to see the first scene released on the Staxus site this coming Friday.

But there’s more!

Yeah, we’re giving in just a little and letting you guys know that this isn’t the only hot skater boy video we’re working on giving to you guys. There’s a small collection of this themed action coming to the site, and although we weren’t going to tell you about it too early, we thought we’d share just a little more in the form of a trailer.

We also have the first full-on performance of a brand new boy too – James Wilson. I introduced him to you guys a few days ago, and some even noticed then that there was a hot skater boy theme to his action with Rudy. You guys are so observant! ;)

While I’m here, I also have to mention something I’ve really been looking forward to over the last few weeks. I knew that one of the guys in the office was working on something pretty special, and I found out today that we have a brand new Staxus Forum in the making! This is set to go live soon, and it’s going to be the perfect place for you all to release your pent up fantasies about the boys, find out some info you won’t get anywhere else, and a lot more besides.

We’re already working on some pretty special things to get you guys checking it out, so when it goes live expect a little fanfare and excitement on the blog too ;)