Well, the weekend is nearly upon us – hurray!! – and that means it’s time to enjoy a bit of a teasing preview of Sunday’s upcoming brand new scene on www.staxus.com, which features Joel Tamir‘s fabulously horse-hung cock and the intricately tattooed Beno Eker.

It also features a chocolate birthday cake – although given that Joel’s birthday was in April and Beno’s is in September, we’re not exactly sure who’s big day they are supposed to be celebrating. Still, who the fuck cares? The important thing is that these two handsome beauts quickly use the occasion to get their cocks out for our entertainment!

As such, this terrific escapade will appeal to anyone who enjoy a little bit of food sex; as well as those who like monster cocks, gorgeous blond twinks, asses getting rimmed, and – arguably most important of all – plenty of spunk! Which we reckon is probably pretty much about everyone … LOL

So feel free to enjoy our fabulous trailer; and if you want to savour the scene in full make sure you log into www.staxus.com this coming Sunday!

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