For many men it’s the most important thing on earth – and for once I’m NOT talking about sex! haha! Because sex isn’t just important for many men, it’s important for ALL men! :)

No, this time I’m talking about football – and, more specifically, poor Ron Negba, who suffers from a boyfriend who likes to spend hours and hours in front of his TV or tablet, watching other boys running from A to B to C and back to A on a big field.

If you ask Ron, he surely knows better ways to spend his time; so he tries to seduce his boyfriend, Rudy Stone, by kissing him sensually and then pulling on his trousers, getting his dick out and sucking it with the kind of gusto that you’d expect from such a greedy young man!

Rudy’s perfectly happy receiving a blowjob while simultaneously following the happenings on screen, but Ron demands total attention – and he knows how to get it! With the help of a little bit of popcorn on Rudy’s dick he makes sure that the handsome boy’s fuckstick is ready for some anal action and plonks himself down on that long bare piece of manly meat!

A sweaty fuck follows in which football is no longer the topic, yet Ron still isn’t completely satisfied. Rimming his pal’s rarely used fuckhole and lubing it with his spit, he prepares Rudy for a good ride – and rest assured us fans will surely appreciate the rare sight of Rudy Stone being fucked!

So far we’ve only seen him once on the receiving end of another boy’s ramrod (in his first ever scene with Casey Flip), so make sure to visit this Sunday so as not to miss this utterly hot flip flop fuck!

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