Oh. My. Gosh.

Our guy on set, Mark, had already told me that there is a new boy around with an extremely large dick who quite literally shocked everyone on set when he dropped his pants for the very first time.

But hey, lets be honest: We’ve had quite a few really well hung guys on the STAXUS set in the past (Jace Reed, Jaro Stone and Joel Tamir to name just a few), so I didn’t really expect to see something quite as outstandingly and utterly shocking as this handsome boy with his gigantic dick (and no, this is no photoshop trick!):This incarnated dream of surely every gay guy belongs to our new boy, Alex Whale, and I think his name suits this monster-hung twink!

Please keep in mind, it’s a twink we are talking about: A slender, smooth and young lad, barely old enough to shoot porn – and to see that he packs such a perfect piece of manhood is just… wow!

I cannot understand how all that fucking flesh actually fits into any pair of trousers (maybe we can get the answer to that question in an interview?!), but I admit I prefer watching this beauty naked anyway!

His lover on set, Joel Tamir, is no different and fully enjoys every inch and the chance to finally team up with someone who is even better hung than he is! Joel complains now and than that everyone around him has a smaller cock; well, Joel, I think those days are over and you have finally found a new toy to play with!

Look forward to this great coupling – a scene that will surely go down in history as the one “with the biggest cocks ever” – and don’t miss the incredibly hot fisting part at the end of the video!

The preview video serves as just a taster of all the hot action – 30 minutes of the very best bareback porn!

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