Well, isn’t this a deliciously teasing and tasty treat!? Two hung uncut guys sharing their meaty cocks on the rooftop for a hardcore Staxus scene, wanking each other and sucking those dicks before getting down and dirty with some ass slamming!

It really is a game of “hide the salami” with two hung uncut guys like Luke Desmond and Damian Boss. Both these dudes have some seriously impressive inches, and while I know people have differing views when it comes to the idea of the guys in a scene being hung before, I don’t think we can deny that in this one.

This is what real good buds are like, kicking back and playing with their meat together, just chilling out and jacking it. But these guys go a little further than that. No, actually, scratch that, they go a LOT further than that!

The mutual wanking becomes some delicious mutual sucking as they lick and slurp on each others cocks, but Damian Boss especially loves to sink his cock into something warm and wet, and Luke’s mouth just isn’t enough for him.

That’s all cool with Luke though, because although he might have started out as an almost dedicated top when he first got into hardcore gay porn, these days he’s totally up for giving his ass to a guy to fuck.

These are some of the pics, and it looks totally hot. I cannot wait to get to see this video a little later. It’s due to arrive on the site any moment, so keep your eyes on the action and maybe get the lube and tissues ready! lol

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (1)

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (2)

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (3)

Damian Boss Fucks Luke Desmond (4)