We’re not exactly sure if there’s gonna be a recycling boom in the gay community as a result of this fabulous escapade between Jake Stark and Adrian Bennet, but what we can guarantee for sure is the sound of zippers being pulled and spunk being splattered from our legion of horny fans when the scene hits www.staxus.com this coming Thursday.

And no fucking wonder! Both these lads are real blond beauts in every sense; and the sight of them standing side-by-side in their jockstraps at the start of the action is enough to get those proverbial corks popping big time. Particularly when they begin to finger and probe each other’s butts!

As for those who relish seeing some young pup getting hammered for all he’s worth, then believe us when we say that Adrian’s ensuing defilement will serve as an almost unforgettable treat. Honestly, the lad quite literally gets pummelled again and again in position after position; and we’re pretty certain that there won’t be a dry eye in the house by the time these two cock-crazed wonders have creamed out their wads in typical vibrant fashion!

Sadly, you’re just gonna have to wait until Thursday before you get to see the scene in full. In the meantime, we’ll whet your appetite your appetite with our short trailer of what we just know is going to be yet another terrific www.staxus.com hit!