Two hot and horny gay army boys with a cum load in their nuts and the knowledge needed to satisfy their needs, that’s what we’re likely to get in this new scene coming to the Staxus site a little later.

I will admit that I am a pacifist by nature, so the very notion of me joining any military is just so far from my mind it’s unreal. However, if I had a guarantee that this is what army life was like, and there was no threat of ever actually having to go to war or fire a gun, I would be signing up faster than you could say “cocked and loaded” ;)

Jaxon Radoc and Sven Laarson are the two boys enjoying some barracks activities in this rampant cock loving session, and although they might look more suited to a life at sea than on land (come on, we’re all thinking it!) they do manage to pull off the look quite nicely.

That’s before they pull off their uniforms, of course.

Jaxon is great at being an eager bottom, so seeing Sven owning his tight smooth boy hole is going to have weapons firing off all over the world ;)

Stick around for the arrival of this video later on, and enjoy some pics of these two gay army boys in the meantime. There’s more in the gallery of course.