”You’ve left me alone in bed!“

Oh, honestly Liam, you can’t leave poor Joel Tamir alone in bed! Such a magnificent boy should never be left alone, particularly in bed!! ;)
Mind, after having fucked all night long it’s understandable that Liam gets a little bit hungry and looks in the fridge, but Joel can’t be without his lover, not even for a minute!

Joel is hungry as well. Not for food, of course, but for what lies inside a man’s pants – and boy, he really savours every fucking inch of that wonderful piece of man meat!

I often say that a porn movie is ”hot“ or “nice“ or “really well done“, but, believe me, this scene is really quite exceptional when it comes to chemistry and romance. After all, we not only get presented with Joel and his big, big dick as top (yeah, you’ve read it right!), but also Liam, who simply can’t get enough thrusts of his lover’s fuck-stick and who quickly demands more and more from his lover …!

Sorry, guys, I’m dribbling precum again when I just think of this scene you’ll soon be able to watch on Staxus.com!

Enjoy the 5-minute trailer here on the blog, and prepare yourself for the romantic highlight of the year!

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