If there’s one scene that’s caused more feverish excitement and discussion these past few weeks, then it has to be this one – Jaro Stone’s “final” performance in front of the STAXUS cameras, when he beds up with one of the top-performing stars of the moment, Vittorio Vega.

And it’s not just you fans who have getting worked up over the performance. Ever since the initial pics hit the STAXUS office, we’ve been engaged in something of an argument here as to whether Jaro looks as good as he used to. After all, there’s simply no denying that he’s not as lean and fresh-faced as he was when he first hit our screens a few years back. But that’s not the same as saying that we think he’s past his prime.

Indeed, the general consensus is that we’d still love to see more of this handsome young fellow – an opinion that seems to be shared by the majority of our fans given the feedback we’ve had. But as it stands … well, make the most of this glorious bedroom escapade, because this is all set to be Jaro’s final swansong.

The good news – if there good news under the circumstances – is that you’ve only got 48 hours to wait until the scene hits your screens on www.staxus.com. In the meantime, we hope our trailer whets your appetite for what is likely to be one of the most-watched, most-discussed and (arguably) most-wanked-to offerings from any studio this August.