So, a few days ago I issued a little challenge to see which of our regular readers could identify which boy was sliding his naked dick into the perfect hole of sweet young Lucas Drake. Well done Biggerthebetter and Philip for getting it right and guessing Jaro Stone.

It seems you guys are pretty good at identifying boys based on pretty little information. I’m not sure I would be able to do that.

Well, you’ll probably be glad to know that this new scene is arriving tomorrow, and from what I’ve seen of it this one is going to be very popular. Then again, with Lucas and Jaro sharing their dicks and fucking out some cum together I don’t think it would be possible to make a bad video.

As you can see it’s Jaro topping for this one, not so surprising when you see the videos both of these boys have been in before, their roles are pretty well defined. To be honest I think Lucas makes a great bottom, and obviously Jaro is an excellent top with his thick and juicy uncut dick :)

Check out the trailer and some pics of the action and make sure you’re back here tomorrow for the full scene.

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”24573″]


Jaro Stone fucking Lucas Drake raw 1 Jaro Stone fucking Lucas Drake raw 2 Jaro Stone fucking Lucas Drake raw 3 Jaro Stone fucking Lucas Drake raw 4