We interrupt our usual programming to bring you… something pretty different!

Now, I know that opinions on this one are going to be loud and varied, so let’s not pretend about that. The sight of a pussy at the start of this video is not going to please the majority of members, but rest assured that the sight of straight guy Tom Nowy sinking his big uncut bareback cock into Kamil Clay while his new wife is getting fucked by hung black guy Sanches Viva in the next room is going to distract you from that opening sequence.

If you think this is going to be a straightforward video with a handsome jock fucking a horny bottom think again. While he’s thrusting his meat in and out of Kamil, Sanches finishes up with the guys wife and comes in to join the two!

Obviously she wasn’t able to satisfy him the way he wanted, so he’s soon getting his big black cock out again and teaming up with Tom to bang the cum out of Kamil in an interracial threesome that finishes up with all three dicks splashing out plenty of cream.

If anything this video shows how much more fun guys can have with each other than with some pussy lol

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