If you like to watch your STAXUS boys in their everyday attire, then you’re in for a real treat with this Thursday’s porn flick!

Ron Negba rents a room to sexy Spaniard Jake Stark, and both boys look awesome in their clothes: Young, smooth, slim, and behaving in a very natural way. It’s also totally natural for them to share their partners; so it should come as no surprise that Vittorio Vega, who is actually the boyfriend of Ron, messes around with room neighbour Jake as well!

In a nice time lapse, director John Smith shows us the daily routine of the three boys, with Ron fucking Vittorio, Vittorio fucking Jake, Jake fucking Ron – so it only stands to reason that the main video depicts all three boys finally cumming together in one bed!

I don’t want to give away too much information, so I won’t reveal who’s the centre of attention, who gets fucked in different positions, or who gets all that creamy, white stuff in the end!

Drop us a line, leave a comment – and let us know who you think might be that happy chappie!

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