If the sight of the monstrously hung Joel Tamir getting railroaded up the arse by his almost equally sized buddy, Vitali Kutcher, in today’s brief trailer doesn’t get you in the mood for Sunday’s upcoming hardcore fornication, then we really don’t know what will!

Indeed, these young pups leave pretty much nothing to the imagination as they slurp on cock like a pair of horned-up sluts, then engage in the sort of no-holds-barred fuck-fest that is almost a guarantee at www.staxus.com!

Arguably, however, it’s the sight of these two beauts 69-ing away on the sofa – something that you’re gonna have to wait until the weekend to see – that’s the highlight of this filthy little escapade. That and seeing the two lads rubbing their cocks together frottage-style!

No doubt about it, Sunday’s gonna be one hell of a sticky day everywhere!