It’s a cock-stiffening crescendo right from the start for the new boys Dimitri and Jarde in STAXUS‘ latest masterpiece, which you’ll be able to watch this Thursday on the club site – and it’s really, really worth watching! Jake, Dimitri and Jarde are not just celebrating gay love with a ball-busting threesome where no cock is left undrained, but they also fuck a sweet and wet watermelon and serve it to an unsuspecting Jarde…!

It all begins with Jarde being a bit late, so Dimitri and Jake decide to start without him. Smooching like young pups in their late teens, they reveal their aching cocks and … no, they do not „just“ suck each other, they also both put their cocks into a watermelon and fuck it! Looks like someone on set got inspired by that apple tart in „American Pie“ ;)

Here it’s Czechian Watermelon – and it gets served to Jarde as a kind of welcoming present just moments later! The poor boy doesn’t know what he’s eating and that his friends have stuck their cocks inside there already. For a straight guy, it surely would be a disaster and really embarrassing; but for three gay guys it’s lots of fun and a nice prelude for some intense bareback fucking where the boys not only enjoy cocks and balls, but also well stretched arse-rimming, plus some creamy shots of cum on a lovely boy’s face!

Look forward to Jake fucking newbie Dimitri, followed by Dimitri and Jake getting buggered by Jarde – available this Thursday only on!

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