No doubt most of you know that the gorgeous boys we see in our amazing videos have a whole lot going on in their private lives that we might never know about. Yes, they are handsome or cute, and yes they have great bodies and delicious dicks, and of course they know how to make an excellent hardcore scene with a friend in front of our cameras, but these boys have so many layers to them that the fans rarely find out about.

Lucas Drake is perhaps one of the most active and interesting of all the boys.

Sure, they all have their hobbies and their interests, they all love to travel, go dancing at the weekends or love reading etc, but Lucas has such a busy life it’s hard to believe any one boy could do so much.

The sexy 20-year-old Czech boy puts most of us to shame when it comes to being social and living life to the max. While I struggle to find the time and energy just to go for a drink or play pool on a Saturday night after a long week, this boy never stops moving.

As you can see from some of his personal pics, he’s been working out a whole lot since he started out with us back in July 2016. He was damn sexy and totally fit then, but since his debut he’s been pushing it hard at the gym and apparently finds the time to go at least three times a week.

On top of that, he’s been studying Philosophy, too. If you’ve ever picked up a book on Philosophy then you probably know that this isn’t exactly an easy subject to study and it takes a lot of deep thought and consideration, you can’t just read a text book and write some essays based on what you’ve read.

That would be about enough to totally wear me out already, but on top of that he spends a lot of time every week with his friends, going out at the weekends and enjoying the city night life, and he plays several instruments too, and paints and draws, and finds the time to go to new gallery and theater shows every week…

How he managed to fit all of this into a week, and while shooting those videos for us, I just have no idea. I can say that we’re very glad he managed to do it, and although we haven’t seen him on the site for several months we’re all hoping that he might be able to fit us into his busy schedule again in the future for more great action with his versatile little ass and that 7″ uncut cock.

Enjoy some of his personal pics he’s shared with us, and make sure you click through and check out his scenes.