You know, there are a few places out there that talk about Staxus and share reviews of the scenes and the site itself. There are some that list info for all of the other major sites too, sometimes they can be good, and other times they can be very bad. But when a site features something about Staxus we want to share it, because it shows that we are doing some things very right.

The guys over at Just Us Boys have recently taken a look around the site and they’ve come to the conclusion that we’re pretty awesome. And of course, we would have to agree with that assessment! lol

I especially like their mention of the blog!

We don’t mind it when a review says something negative about something on the site, it’s actually a good thing to have that and often they are things that we know about already (for instance the model pages, or the names on the scenes etc). But when a trusted site like JUB gives a good review we think that it deserves some recognition on here too.

I want to ask you, do you agree with the review? Did you vote on it? If you did, did you give high marks or low marks? You don’t have to tell me of course, but I hope you might go and take a look at it and maybe help us out with a vote too ;)

You can click through and check out the review here. And, as always, let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else you’d like to add. We think they did a good job, but maybe we’re a little biased lol