So! Soon I’ll be completing a charity run!
My chosen charity is the Albert Kennedy Trust – a fantastic charity which helps fantastic people!

You can find out more about what they do and the support they offer here:

But I just want to say a little bit about why I chose this charity.
Coming out as gay or bi or transgender is no doubt hard for anybody, regardless of their age or background, or whether its the build up or the aftermath of coming out that scares a person.
I came out at the age of 16 and found it hard, like so many people do – I was lucky enough to have a small network of people to support me – some people, even younger than my age find it hard to find anyone to support them during the coming out stage of their life.

The Albert Kennedy Trust offers this support, whether it be as a friend, a shoulder to cry on or a warm meal and a warm bed. That’s why this they are my chosen charity.

The other reason I chose this trust is no only because of the amazing work they do – but because I know with the help of you guys, I can not only raise attention to them, even if its just through you reading this, but I can, hopefully, also raise a little bit of money to put towards the trust.