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Staxus Behind The Scenes: Cowboys HD

So, I have two great updates to share with you all on the Staxus blog this evening, and I know that both are going to have you wanking that boner like a fiend! ;)

To start things off, I have to mention the new Staxus Behind the Scenes video that’s arrived on the site today. I know it’s been a little while since we had one of these informative (and incredibly horny!) videos arrive, so now that we have one to enjoy it deserves some attention on here.

Those who pay a lot of attention to the forums might have seen director John talking about a new Western/Cowboy themed movie that was in the planning, and there were a lot of members really looking forward to seeing some of that action. Well, it looks like we’re getting a peek at the goodies with this BTS video, and from what they share in this one it certainly looks like it’s going to be a massive hit with the fans.

We’ve already seen a little bit of the fun in another scene a couple of weeks ago with Benjamin Dunn fucking bottom boy Justin Conway in an outdoor shoot that had a lot of great comments, and there’s been some great muscle top action taken from this movie and added to the site too, but it looks like there’s more to come.

It definitely looks as though all of the scenes in this video are going to be extremely popular when they make it to the Staxus site, and I can’t wait to start sharing them with you all. It has to be said that these BTS videos are great for those of us who wonder what it’s like on set with so many gorgeous guys getting it on. I would love to be there to enjoy it too ;)

A new Staxus Behind The Scenes video on the site (1)

A new Staxus Behind The Scenes video on the site (2)


Coming soon: Staxus Roadtrip in Italy!

John Smith took some of our most popular models to a road trip to Italy and this means only one thing: hot sex with beautiful twinks in the sunny Mediterranean landscape!

However one special thing that you will enjoy watching is a gay orgy filmed from underwater! You know we love doing things differently here at Staxus so enjoy the small clip above as a trailer for what’s coming next this month on!

Here are some photos from the Italian sex trip too:

Coming soon on Staxus: Black Monster Cocks

Hi guys!

I think Saturday is the perfect day to share a small trailer of 4 upcoming scenes from John Smith!

Watch the video above and join the conversation here:

and let us know which of the 4 scenes you would like to see first next week:

  1. Dirty Fuckers Double Penetration with Milan Sharp
  2. Raw vanilla scene with Milan Sharp
  3. Monster cocks scene with Xander Hollis
  4. Uniforms scene with Tim Walker

Looking forward to hearing from you on the forum!

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Your application will be received by a member of Renegade Pictures production company and they will contact you directly. – New Exclusive Model: Kris Wallace

So I promised you something special this evening, and I think I have something that will have a lot of you guys hard and horny and really looking forward to it arriving!

First of all I have to introduce you guys to another brand new Staxus Exclusive – Kris Wallace!

He’s so gorgeous, and he has a really hot body. But check out that meaty uncut cock between his legs! Isn’t that just the most delicious dick you’ve seen this… week? lol

And that’s not all, this Polish hunk is a total bottom. He loves to get fucked in the ass by some real horny boys, and he loves his boys to have some muscle and size too. He’s a big fan of Rudy Bodlak and Johan Volny, which kind of gives you an idea of what we can expect to see from this guy.

So, when can you see him getting that tight ass fucked? There is one very special movie coming out in March, and that brings me to the next order of business…

You might not know it, but Staxus has some traditions. After being in the European gay porn business for more than ten years there are bound to be things that the guys love to do as a kind of celebration. And the Winter Ski movies are a good example of that.

Every winter the guys at Staxus make a new one along this ski theme, and you can check out some teasing action from it in the video above. So why am I mentioning this along with the announcement of a new exclusive? Because he’s gonna be playing a big role in that movie!

Rudy Bodlak makes his return in it too, sharing the screen with some of the other gorgeous boys, with Kris Wallace and another new model too – more on him at a later date ;)

I don’t know about you guys, but all this news over the last few days has really wiped me out. I don’t think my cock has been this hard for this long since I was a teenager. The guys giving me all this info from the Staxus office are like my own personal Viagra! lol

Anyway, enjoy these pics of the gorgeous new star-in-the-making Kris Wallace, and be prepared for a lot from this handsome bottom. I can’t wait to see him sharing that cock and ass with some of the other guys.

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (1)

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (2)

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (3)

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (4)

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (5)

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (6)

New hottie bottom guy Kris Wallace arrives at Staxus (7)

Staxus – Behind the Scenes in Prague!

So you guys know we’ve really been enjoying making the behind the scenes videos lately, and it seems all the members of the site have been enjoying them too. It’s fun to actually get a glimpse of what it’s like on the set of a hardcore gay porn shoot with Staxus, or to find out a little more about the guys appearing in the videos.

We have another great behind the scenes video for you this time, with a lot of great action too. This was one of the latest shoots in Prague, one of the top locations for Staxus to film.

We join a few shoots for this collection, some solo, duo and hardcore threesome action too. It gives a great little peek at some of the hardcore you can expect to see arriving on the site in the coming weeks and months, and it definitely helps a lot of the non-members to see the kind of action we have already too!

I have to say I’m really looking forward to seeing the full threesome scene at the start of this video. I wonder when that one is gonna make it to the site?

Enjoy the video guys, and remember that if you’re a member of the site you can get the high-quality video when you log in. ;)

Coming soon on Staxus: A bit of body paint fun :)

I have something very special for those of you who like to get a little messy! The guys at Staxus were planning on making a twink orgy scene, and they thought about having the boys playing the roles of decorators.

Now, it should be pointed out that a lot of the guys are very playful. They sometimes seem to think they’re in a theme park rather than making porn, but with all those hot bodies, sexy butts and hard uncut cocks all around them it’s not so surprising they like to play. Really, it should have been expected that this would get a little messy, and rowdy! lol

So it was supposed to be a bit of a twink orgy, but before that happened the boys were flinging paint around and covering each other, with their hard cocks bouncing and their butts wobbling!

It’s so funny to watch, and we have a clip of it above with Jesse Magowan and Xander Hollister jumping around and shaking their behinds ;)

I have quite a few pics to share with you for this one too, and as you can see they did eventually get down to business and start really appreciating those dicks and sharing their boy holes with each other.

It did become a real horny twink orgy in the end, but all the fun they had getting messy is definitely a good part of it.

This video is coming at the end of the month, so enjoy the pics and make sure you stay tuned for the arrival of this one. I’ll be showing it off on the blog again when the gallery and video arrive though – I think a lot of you are going to be looking forward to this twink orgy as much as I am after seeing this post lol

Black Friday – Free Gay Porn With Homoactive!

Holy moly we’re so good to you! You know we often have some special offers and deals on the Staxus blog for all you adoring and lovely fans, and as it’s Black Friday we have something especially special (yes, I said it lol)

So you often get some free gay porn with us here on special occasions, or when we’re just feeling generous and want to have you guys enjoying yourselves. But this time we’re giving you an overdose of porn goodness with some special dealio’s (it’s a word, honestly) from Homoactive that should have you all enjoying your weekend just a little more than usual ;)

Let’s get this started with some free gay porn DVD’s shall we?

Order a DVD and you get another one free, and you can choose between all kinds of hardcore action too including titles like Super Size Me!, Busted & Abused, Extreme Twinks, Bred in Captivity, Oversized, Bareback Park, Slalom Sluts and many others. All of these are best-sellers, not bargain bucket DVD’s they somehow couldn’t sell (Homoactive doesn’t have any of those – everything sells! lol)

Then we move on to the free gay porn downloads too. Yeah, did you know about the download options on Homoactive? No more waiting to pounce on the postman waiting for your DVD to arrive, unless your postman is as hot as mine is, in which case you’d jump on him for some junk mail lol

You can get a second free gay porn download when you buy one, and you can pick from several studios including Boynapped, Cazzo, Slut Machine, Euroboy, Wurstfilm, Spritzz, UK Naked Men and your all-time favourite Staxus (plus plenty of others too).

Does it get juicier than this? Well, I’m glad you asked, because it absolutely does! You also get 20% off. Yes, that an added discount even when used with these offers. You get free gay porn and a discount on what you buy too.

Finally, it’s free shipping.

I know, right? Normally free shipping is all it takes to get me checking everything out and filling my basket to the brim, but with all of this too? I don’t think I can take all this in lol

Check out Homoactive right this minute, don’t delay!

Get free gay porn, discounts and free shipping from Homoactive

Staxus Behind the Scenes: Valentino’s Valentines!

Are you ready for some great free gay hardcore porn action on the Staxus blog? I know, we’re so good to you guys! lol

Some of you might have noticed that we’ve started adding some very special videos to the blog over the last couple of months, and they’re proving to be very popular too. You’ve had some great clips added here to get you all horny and wanting more, but we’re doing things a little differently with this one and showing you some of the behind-the-scenes action too.

Rudy Valentino is the hunk getting a lot of action at the start of this one, with a great cock sucking from Zack Hood and resulting in the goateed (is that even a word? lol) hunk getting some jizz splashed over his face. But the free gay hardcore continues with plenty more as Brad Fitt, Kevin Ateah, Justin Conway and James Wilson join in the action too.

This is not just a trailer, or just some carefully shot teasing. This is real action, including cum shots and more! What other site gives their blog readers so much horny free gay hardcore action on their blogs? None! We’re special – and so are you ;)

Enjoy the video guys, and remember there is a lot more where that came from for members of the site. I know most of you are members already, but there are still some who might be reading this who have no signed up yet. What are you waiting for?

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