Let’s face it, as gay men we’re pretty much cock-sized obsessed. True, maybe we should all try to be a little bit more discerning, but the fact remains that when we see a chap with an impressively proportioned cock we all tend to go a little bit gaga!

That’s something we appreciate at STAXUS arguably more than anyone. We also know that our fans like the cocks that they see to be genuine – and not digitally-enhanced in some way, as may or may not be the case with some of these pics that we’re showing you today.

Fortunately, we’ve had more than enough “big boys” walk in through the studio doors over the years to ensure that we’ve never had to conjure up mythical inches on our models – Joel Tamir being one current prime example. Believe us, that lad really is as well-hung in real life as he appears to be when performing in front of the camera.

So why not take a moment to look back on some of our other previous monster fuck-sticks, all of which have wowed and amazed us in their time:-

Milan Sharp
Devon LeBron
Jace Reed