We don’t have too long to wait before we see handsome new guy Rudy Stone giving young twinky bottom boy Casey Flip a right good rogering, but before we do I have a little something extra to share with you guys.

I managed to get my grubby hands on some behind the scenes pics of the fun they were having on set while they were shooting this new scene for the Offside Trap series, and I thought you guys would appreciate the extra sneaky peek!

I have to say that while I love twink bottom boy Casey and I’m totally looking forward to seeing him getting that dick, I’m just as interested in seeing handsome new boy Rudy getting his debut. From the look of the trailer for this bareback video, he did a great job and gave young Casey an excellent thrusting.

Can I just ask, while I’m here, who is looking at these photos and thinking about maybe considering a career as a cameraman or photographer? Wouldn’t you love to be on set with these boys while they’re getting down and dirty with each other?

Come on, you know you would, but you’d probably be unable to stay as professional as our crews do :)

Enjoy the behind the scenes shots, click through to check out the trailer for this new scene while you’re here and make sure you sign up if you’re not a member already and be there for when the full video drops tomorrow.