… and director John Smith of course! He’s the one who, with the help of his totally committed team, creates one impressive hardcore twink porn flick after the other – and he’s the one the models listen to in order to present us with the best of what eventually gets stuck up inside them! ;)

It’s not the first time I’ve ever wished to be the fly on the wall (literally), because I’d love to see what’s going on and what they talk about on a professional gay porn set…

Maybe you can help me out?

What do you think John Smith is saying to Alex Whale on this pic?

Is he giving him final tips for his hot DP which will happen soon? Does he tell him he’ll have problems walking home after having been stuffed by the enormous cocks of Vittorio and Beno?

And what is our camera-boy, Mark, doing that makes Beno and Alex look at him in such an interesting way? I’ve heard rumours that Mark is really sexy, so maybe both boys ”use“ him to keep themselves horny?

Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment!