Welcome back to another look behind the virtual curtain of the top secret STAXUS set where you’ll notice a very special person. Somebody who’s part of every video, but who these days never appears on-screen. I’m talking of nobody other than director, John Smith, who might be familiar to some from his short role as a teacher in an older STAXUS movie, produced several years ago.

John, if you’re reading this, you still look great! (kiss)

Snapshots taken in between the regular shoots are always a nice way to discover what’s going on inside the heads of our beautiful models.

Ron‘s face is an open book. You just need to look at him on this pic to know exactly what he’s thinking: “Can you please stop talking. I just wanna get back to Navon’s cock again!

Or this pic. Do you honestly think it’s a coincidence that Ron is looking in the direction he is?

He’s staring boggle-eyed at Navon’s dick!

And in tomorrow’s video he’ll show you just how much he loved that fabulous uncut piece of flesh! :)