We all love getting a little peek behind the scenes of some of the hottest STAXUS filming, right guys?

There’s something pretty hot about seeing the guys having fun and caught in moments we just don’t get to see in the finished product.

Anyone paying attention to the new Bare Buff Builders series will want to see a little extra action from set, and although it’s not a whole lot, we certainly appreciate the bonus shots of some of the horniest boys enjoying themselves in front of the cameras.

According to gossip from the set, the Bare Buff Builders series has been pretty tough for filming. Apparently, the location was a little tricky when it came to power, lighting, dust, and to overheating, with a lot of the boys and crew having to take regular breaks because it just got so hot. Eventually they had to change the schedule and film later in the day just because of the summer temperatures.

If it wasn’t the power problems and the heat, they had to deal with encroaching mice making cameo appearances like little furry extras scurrying around on set and popping up unexpectedly, and the ghostly activity as props fell over randomly and lighting stands trembled without being touched!

Maybe we’ll find out more about that later in the month, perhaps closer to Halloween? That would be rather fitting.

So, on to the pics, and we get some rather sweet little moments from some of the boys thanks to our friends behind the cameras.

We get to see Milan Sharp having a little fiddle with his big cock while the shoot is on a break (another rogue rodent interrupting the action, perhaps? lol) and we get to see new boy David Hollister sinking his naked cock into one of the other boys too, but do you know who is bottom buddy is in that scene?

Yep, it’s Chester Owen, a boy we last saw getting some dick in his ass from bareback jock top Rudy Stone in Camping About, scene 1.

We have a little while to wait before we get that episode of the Bare Buff Builders series, but after checking it out for myself and getting a sneaky look at some of the action I can tell you that it’s gonna be a good one. It will have plenty of you guys rubbing one out with the lads.

Check out some of the pics, and leave a comment if you want to see more behind the scenes fun with our stars!

If you haven’t watched any of the Bare Buff Builders videos yet, click through for scene one, and check out scene two.