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Have you ever wondered what goes on during a Staxus shoot? As I mentioned earlier, we have a few surprises for you coming up, and we’re starting that off with a really hot behind-the-scenes video of the recent gay army shoots we’ve been filming. This is your chance to see how things go on set, and how hot it can be for everyone involved!

You remember that a couple of times I’ve mentioned that the guys are so turned on sometimes they can’t help but wank while on set? Of course, although sometimes it’s done to get the guys randy for a scene, a lot of the time it’s just lads kicking back and watching each other stroking their cocks, they’re just so excited to be on set and see all that uncut cock around them they can’t leave their dicks alone!

And of course, a bonus of that is that the boys build up some massive cum shots for when it’s their turn in front of the cameras ;)

The video above is just a sneaky peek at the full behind-the-scenes HD video arriving on the site on Wednesday. That’s gonna be a full 30 minute video, and it’ll give you an even better sneaky look behind the cameras too.

Make sure you check it out when it drops, but in the meantime check out the shorter version above and the pics below. And stay tuned to the Staxus blog by signing up to the email newsletter on the right hand side too.