I have to start this off by wishing you all a very happy Valentines Day! I hope you’re all having a wonderful one, and if you don’t have that special someone in your life right now make sure you treat yourself today with something special. I would offer some suggestions but I get the feeling most of you have some ideas about that already :)

I was wondering what kind of fantastic thing I could share with you guys on the STAXUS Blog today, and then I took a sneaky look at the new Futsal Flings series kicking off soon with some of the best young guys. I couldn’t wait to tell you that handsome and fit new boy Jake Stark is gonna be back for more and with someone I know you’re all gonna be looking forward to seeing again.

And, yes, I admit that I had to go and double check what Futsal meant. I really had no idea it was a sport. I’m not really that into sport so you’ll forgive me for having no clue.

So, what can we expect from this sporty endeavor?

Well, obviously we have a repeat performance from the handsome and fit new arrival Jake Stark, a young man we just recently enjoyed in the finishing of a horny scene in the Foreskin Fuckers series with Ben Isai and Orri Gaul. He definitely got our attention with all that anal play and dildo enjoyment, but I think his scene for the Futsal Flings series with Rudy Stone is going to get even more appreciation from the fans.

What’s that? Rudy Stone? Yes, he’s back, after several months away from the studio the sexy young stud is returning to plunge his naked cock into his sporty buddy!

Although I’ve had a little look at what we can expect I have to confess that I’m still incredibly impatient and want to see it all. You guys know I love some hot and horny sports-themed action with some athletic young men enjoying their dicks, and from what I’ve seen of the series as a whole it’s going to fulfill a lot of my fantasies.

Just seeing these boys in uniforms and getting their boners out in some locker rooms and friend’s bedrooms is enough to get my juices flowing, but when you see how handsome and sexy these young guys are it just makes it all even more tempting.

I’m not gonna give you anything else about this other than the one pic, you’ll have to stick around on the blog for more info. Or, you might be able to find out a little more from Jake Stark himself if you go and follow him on Twitter – @jakestarkxxx.

I recommend checking out Jake’s debut video, and seeing the last time we enjoyed Rudy back in November last year.

Have a great Wednesday guys!