Anyone who knows anything about the world’s most popular pastime will know that there’s a big chasm between modern day society and what goes on inside the beautiful game. After all, gay men are a public presence in almost every industry and social group – with the blatant exception, it seems, of football. In short, you’re about as likely to encounter a professional footballer who’s come out of the closet as you are of meeting a politician who actually lives up to his pre-election promises!

There are a myriad of reasons as to why this should be the case, from the fear of hostility from the fans to the fact that there might not actually be any gay footballers – as unlikely as that thoery might sound! Whatever the reason, the fact remains that Germany’s Thomas Hitzlsperger is the only openly gay player to have played in England’s Premier League – although he didn’t actually come out until after he had finished his playing career.

With this in mind we thought we’d bring you a bit of a distraction from the usual glut of porn, to bring you a Spanish offering that tackles the discrimination that appears to face any young gay man with footballing talent. Maybe one day a really big name in the sport will finally declare publically that he likes other men. Until then, today’s fictional offering remains the closest we will come to such a reality.