Bonjour mes amis sexy!

STAXUS has fans and members all around the world, in all kinds of languages. We’ve been spending a lot of time and effort over the last year to reach out to our fans across Europe, with a plan to assist our largest audiences by offering more content in languages other than English.

I know we have a lot of French visitors here, and while I would love for you guys to stick around and keep checking in with me for the latest news and gossip on the English language blog, I really need to let you know that there’s also a French language STAXUS blog for you guys to check out!

You can find it here.

You get plenty of the usual posts you can find here with me, with new releases, trailers and photos from behind the scenes, but everything is in French, perhaps making it easier for you all to follow along and stay up to date with your favorite performers and the hottest action.

That’s not all, there happens to be a special friend over there writing the posts too! I’m not gonna tell you who, you’ll just have to go and take a look for yourselves :)

So, go and take a look and make sure you leave a comment or two to say hi. You can tell them I sent you, if you like!