So if you’ve taken a look at the new scene with Jace Reed giving Tom Nutt a great rogering in the Doctors office then you probably read the part about them probably finding it hard to keep a straight face while going along with the story, and although the scene turned out excellently (and horny as hell too!) I can confirm that there actually was a lot of chuckling and giggles on set.

I found out from a secret source (not a secret sauce, as I almost wrote lol) that the mention of them falling about laughing at the ridiculousness of the theme was actually not that far from the truth! When the boys saw the story they had questions, for instance just how does a patient go along with getting naked for a doctor when all he has is a throat problem? And why does a guys cock need to be measured? lol

Of course, they took it all in fun, a little too much fun actually as they had to stop a couple of times to stop the giggles from taking over.

You know you see those bloopers from TV shows where the actors just fall about laughing and they can’t seem to stop? That happens in porn too. It’s rare, but it happens. It’s even worse when everyone on set is already friendly with each other.

Thankfully Jace and Tom managed to pull themselves together and delivered a great video for us all to enjoy. It does make me wonder though, would you guys love to see out-takes and bloopers from the Staxus set? I’m not saying that could happen or will ever be released, but I’m just curious about whether you would want to see that. I think it could be pretty fun to have just a video out there with some of the little things that went wrong and were caught on film.