It looks as though you guys really love the gay interracial bareback action, the comments on the previous post with Connor Rex taking a big black cock in a video coming to the STAXUS site shows just how eager you guys are for more!

By all means, leave some more comments on this post too, let me and the guys at STAXUS HQ know just how much you’re looking forward to this!

So, after the last tease with Connor getting the long and dark cock of a handsome new top we know absolutely nothing about (just yet), I have some more pics from another video where the sexy dude delivers his dick again, this time to gorgeous young Martin Rivers.

Yeah, who wouldn’t want to see Martin enjoying a big throbbing black cock in his snug little twinky ass?

I really don’t know anything else about the videos, they’ve only just finished filming the scenes and they’re currently working on them behind the scenes to make them ready for your horny eyes and ears, but you can see from the photos we’ve already enjoyed these new videos are going to be worth watching.

Enjoy these couple of new pics and stick around on the blog for more updates. Let me know in the comments what you guys think!