In our most recent interview, we should have asked Jake Stark whose cum tastes better!

Navon Raffi’s sticky brew or Carl Chater‘s hot juice? For Jake is the lucky guy who has both boys’ ramrods inside his arse and mouth and their cum on his tongue just minutes later!

You really need to grab your cum towel and watch both pups dumping their load on Jake’s expectant face onΒ! And we’re not just talking a little amount of cum, guys – we’re talking about a real whitewash!

But before Jake, Navon and Carl empty their firm balls onto each other, there’s plenty of mutual sucking to enjoy; as well as some nice arse fingering, and a smolderingly hot fuck-chain that will make you wish you were one of the boys!

If so, you’ll most likely wish to be Navon, for he gets stuffed by new boy Carl, while ramming his own hard-on deep in Jake’s uber-sexy ass!

You feel the need to get off? Just look how intense Jake and Navon look at each other while they fuck – and I’m sure your own throbbing cock will explode in no time!

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