I hope your Monday has been a good one – as good as a Monday can be! lol

Whether you’ve had a good start to your week or not, we have a lot of action on the Staxus site to give you a “happy ending” to the day ;)

I’ve been looking through all the videos again today to find something that I know you’ll want to see and might not have checked out yet, and I think I have found one that all the members will want to jerk off over, and a lot of non-members might want to sign up for!

So you guys all know that we have some seriously sexy young guys and twinks who appear in our videos, but we also have some real masculine and manly butch hunks too, with hairy bodies and meaty cocks!

This is one of those videos that shows off our love of hardcore masculinity, with two hungry hunks sharing their meaty cocks with each other and fucking rough and deep to some salty loads.

Adam Tremedoc and Luca Falcini are the dudes sucking those meaty cocks and fucking like animals in a backroom, and the lust to explode is evident as they work each other over and build up their jizz loads.

Luca totally gives his ass to Adam Tremedoc, getting a hard and deep fuck before the dude pulls out to splash a powerful eruption over his buds face and body. It gets Luca further along, wanking himself off as his buddy’s semen dribbles over him and finally erupting his own wad too!

Check it out in the Bareback Monster Cocks collection ;)

Real Men With Meaty Cocks (1)

Real Men With Meaty Cocks (2)

Real Men With Meaty Cocks (3)

Real Men With Meaty Cocks (4)