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New Boy In Town: Jake Stark

New Boy In Town: Jake Stark

Happy Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week and I guess a few of you are feeling pretty good about the fact that we don’t have long to go before the weekend. Believe me, I’m looking forward to it myself. I’m looking forward to it even more now that I know we’re going to be getting the first scene with a brand new boy!

His name is Jake Stark and he’s a gorgeous young blond with everything going on. Given that he reminded me of equally stunning young Lucas Drake when I first saw him, I’m pretty certain that you guys are gonna love him just as much.

The Spanish boy is starting out with us as an exclusive, so that should give us all a pretty good idea of just how eager STAXUS is (and just how eager he is) to make plenty of videos. The 20-year-old might not be too experienced with shooting hardcore scenes and taking direction on set, but from what I’ve already seen of him it appears he has some natural skills when it comes to performing, he’s diving right into the action with the kind of lust for fun we all love to see in a new boy.

I confess that I’ve seen a little bit more than you guys, not much, but I can tell you that he has a great dick, and obviously he has a stunning ass too. Being a versatile performer you can be pretty sure we’re going to get to see plenty of both in his future outings.

We don’t know a great deal about his personal life at the moment, and I guess we’ll be getting an interview with him in the future where we can find out more, but I can tell you that when he’s not making amazing scenes for us he’s hanging out on the gorgeous Spanish beaches and enjoying the night life at the local bars. He’s a bit of a social butterfly and if you’re ever lucky enough to hang out with him for a weekend you’re likely to end up at a lot of great parties in the poshest hotels after spending the day enjoying the scenery on the coast.

So, when will we see him for the first time and what will he be getting up to?

His debut will be arriving on Friday, with scene three of Foreskin Fuckers, one where we get to see him enjoying a dildo while Orri Gaul and Ben Isai get their freak on, before the trio are united for a pretty spectacular cum splashing that’s likely to leave you drained and very satisfied!

Funnily enough, that’s another thing this handsome new boy has in common with Lucas Drake; remember how he started out in a twink solo jerk off with a double-whammy video while Johnathan Strake and Ray Mannix got their freak on with each other?

Before we’ve even seen this boy in action I’m certain he’s going to be getting a whole lot of love from the fans when his debut arrives. Check out some stills from the fun and be ready to get back here for that video :)