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Model Focus: Chester Owen

Model Focus: Chester Owen

It goes without saying that we’ve had some amazing new boys arrive over the last few months. Indeed, it never seems to stop here at STAXUS, we’re regularly seeing hot new performers coming in to share their dicks and butt holes with the horniest European performers. Most of them are fans of the site, of course. A lot of them come to us having enjoyed some of the biggest names and wanting to meet them on camera and deliver something hot for the other fans too. Swedish twink Chester Owen is one such boy.

When he arrived back in September we knew he was going to be great to film. They wasted little time getting him involved in the shooting schedule, moving some things around and bringing him in for some amazing outdoor fucking. As a fan of outdoor sex and wishing the weather was a little bit better than it has been recently, I admit that I’ve been back to see those videos a few times since they arrived on the site :)

From what I’ve heard he strolled in confident and cocky right from the start, horny for some action and willing to get on camera as soon as he could. He had a list of boys in his head that he really wanted to meet and perform with, and I think he’s met at least a couple of those already. Needless to say, a lot of the other boys were more than happy to meet him too!

The truth is, this boy is one seriously sexual young man. There are varying degrees of horniness we see in boys who want to perform on camera, some of them just enjoy sex and want to make great videos for the fans while earning some good money, then there are boys like Chester who would probably be doing all of this for free anyway. He’s one of the most sexually active young men you could ever meet, the kind of guy who goes to sex parties and gets his friends into enjoying orgies and gang bangs.

Being a such an eager bottom makes him incredibly popular with all his friends, too. He’s always ready to offer that hole for someone to slide their dick into. You can see that in the five videos he’s been in so far – bottoming in all of them.

Aside from being a great bottom, he’s also a cum lover. A lot of boys love to get messy with jizz to finish a good fuck, but this boy really loves ball juice, to the point where he had to be convinced to let a boy cum in his ass rather than his face for one pairing. We love to see the cum fly too, but Chester really loves getting it in his face and mouth.

His passion for good sex definitely translates to the screen, too. All of his videos have been well received and it certainly seems as though the fans really appreciate his performances. Every one of his videos has been given at least 4.6 out of 5.

If you haven’t seen every one of the videos this boy has been in you now have a mission. Check out some of the pics and click through each one to see the video.