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On set with Mark: Unexpected surprises on set

On set with Mark: Unexpected surprises on set

Over the years we’ve heard all kinds of stories about the unexpected things that happen on set. There’s plenty we’ve had on the blog going back through the years, but loads of little moments that never made it out of the highly secret set… okay, not really highly secret lol

For instance, you never knew about the time they had to evacuate a set because a fire alarm went off and the boys were standing outside in just their robes for half an hour while hunky firemen looked at everyone with smirks on their faces! Or how about the time the boys were using massage oil on set and everyone was in hysterical laughter for most of it because neither of the boys could stop themselves slipping and falling every couple of seconds.

Maybe we’ll get to those stories in the future, but for now we need to talk about intruders… and I’m not talking about menacing men in masks or anything like that.

No, this isn’t about random strangers walking into a set and being surprised by the sight that confronts them (although that has happened, a lot) this is about critters making unexpected appearances and having to be shooed away, or chased.

Our friend Mark gave us a couple of recent examples of exactly that and I knew you guys would want to hear about it.

The first is actually quite cute and happened on the set with Greg Noll and Bjorn Nykvist while shooting their scene for Out of the Woods. As you can probably imagine, filming in a barn has it’s challenges, not least of all the scurrying creatures you risk encountering.

That’s exactly what happened when the boys were getting into it and a curious little field mouse strolled into view, then just sat there as if nothing was happening. As you can imagine it caused something of a ruckus once he was noticed. Thankfully no one on set had any fears about rodents, quite the contrary in fact. Greg was determined to catch the little critter and decided to start chasing it!

Can you imagine seeing handsome Greg racing naked around the barn with his hard dick slapping around? Needless to say the crew were soon laughing their butts off more about that than the sight of the confident little mouse wanting to make a cameo.

You’ll be glad to know the mouse escaped and didn’t become Greg’s pet, as he seemed to want. He’s adorable, isn’t he?

Slightly less cute was the time when a big menacing spider appeared on the set of Run Away with new boys Sivan Ozzi and Charlie Keller. Sivan is terrified of spiders, but I know he’s not alone in that (I hate them too). The scary thing just walked into camera view and sat there on the ground, it was far too prominent and distracting for the shoot to continue. Neither of them had noticed it until director John Smith stopped everything and pointed it out, then all hell broke loose and poor Sivan was up on the back of the couch demanding that someone “kill it with fire!” lol

It wasn’t killed, of course. Brave Charlie came to the rescue, scooped it up and escorted the thing off the premises like a drunken party guest who has outstayed their welcome.

Sivan swears it was the size of a dinner plate, but everyone else seems to think it was barely the a bottle top.

So, there you have it guys, a little more from our friend Mark on set, giving us a sneaky peek behind the scenes at some of the antics the boys get up to. Do you want to hear more stories from set? Let me know in the comments, and let me know if you’re scared of mice or spiders too.

If you haven’t seen either of the videos mentioned, click through to watch Out of the Woods scene four, and Run Away scene four. I would recommend both, they’re great!