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On set with Mark: Favorite stars, favorite scene, hottest action he’s seen!

On set with Mark: Favorite stars, favorite scene, hottest action he’s seen!

We’ve seen so much amazing hardcore action on the STAXUS site over the last year, and I have no doubt that plenty of you have a favorite scene that immediately comes to mind. I was curious about what Mark (our friend on set) thought about the videos he’s been involved in this year and which stood out for him.

I actually thought he might have a hard time picking just one, but apparently he knew exactly what scene was his favorite to be involved with.

You might remember the story about the mobile phone Lucas Drake and Angel Lopez used in scene four of Face to Face back in June, but if you didn’t read about that drama you can click through and check out the story Mark told me about it.

For those who haven’t gone to check it out, let me just tell you that Mark had been having a hard time finding a vibrator for the boys to use, and someone else on the crew suggested an old vibrating flip phone that he had at home. Yes, it’s amazing how imaginative the guys are, I would never have thought about doing that. Apparently it was met with skepticism to start with, but when it became obvious how funny it would all be they went with it and we got the excellent hardcore and playful scene we got from the boys.

It’s perhaps no surprise that this is Mark’s favorite shoot to be a part of. After all the stress he went through to try to get the toy for them, the end result with the boys using a phone was a great one and led to one of the most memorable scenes for the fans too.

Mark is apparently a massive fan of both Lucas and Angel, and he says they’re both the sweetest and funniest young guys he’s had the pleasure to work with, so no wonder he was having so much fun on set with them watching them enjoying themselves like that.

We already knew that the energy they have when they’re on set is great, but Mark confirmed that to me. These boys know how to fuck and Mark says that even when someone called cut they were carrying on enjoying their dicks together and it was actually pretty hard to stop them once they got started.

And, of course, Mark loves the cummy ending the boys shared, splashing their cream out in their faces and making a hot mess of each other. He admits that he was hard in his jeans throughout most of the shoot and had to go and have a wank in the toilets immediately after the boys had shot their loads.

To this day he has a little chuckle to himself every time he sees that mobile phone on the set, and he loves explaining the story behind it to the new boys when they see it and ask why it’s there.

So, now we know Mark’s favorite shoot for 2016, what’s yours? Let me know in the comments what video you think really hit the mark for you over the last twelve months, maybe it made you cum a lot or perhaps you had to go back and watch it a few more times?

Let us know in the comments below and click through to watch Mark’s favorite scene if you haven’t enjoyed it already (and even if you have!)

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