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Model Focus: Joshua Levy

Model Focus: Joshua Levy

Yes, even on Christmas day we need to have something hot on the STAXUS blog for you guys to enjoy, just in case you find yourselves with a few minutes to spare and you want something horny to check out. While we’re all off doing our own thing we’ve prepared this special post all about gorgeous young Joshua Levy, one of the most adorable boys in our gang. If you haven’t seen everything this hung young man has been in, you really should make the time to take a look.

For those who might not have seen him yet, I need to tell you that he’s an amazing performer with a great cock and you’re likely to become addicted to him. It’s easily done, he’s a handsome and fit young man and that dick is truly amazing to see in action.

The Czech boy arrived back in December of 2015, inexperienced in front of the cameras but eager to get some action and put on an incredible show for the fans. He certainly did that in the course of his tenure with us, appearing in a total of eleven hardcore scenes with some of the most impressive costars.

His arrival on the site caused quite a stir, with a slightly controversial transsexual performer joining in and making an awesome threesome into a fourgy. It might not have been the best way for the young man to start out considering so many fans were a little turned off by it, but he soon gained a name for himself with his return visit.

The top boy quickly proved that he really knows how to use that bit meaty cock. It really is an impressive dick too, so thick and so powerful looking. He’s a dedicated top, of course, and with a cock like that there was no shortage of boys who wanted to hop on and take that cock for a ride.

It wasn’t just about his handsome good looks, his gorgeous thick cock and his tight and smooth body, he was a lovely young man to have around on set and one of the most playful too.

We soon found out that he’s a prankster. He was always playing jokes on his costars and the crew, like turning all the set lights the other way around while everyone was on a break, so when they came back and flicked the switch they were all blinded. Then there was the time he drew a smiley face above his cock so it was revealed while they were filming, then he had to scrub it for half an hour because he didn’t realize how hard it would be to remove the ink!

We haven’t seen him in action since March 2017, so it’s likely he’s moved on to other things. But, you never know with our boys, we’ve had hotties disappear for years before coming back to have some more fun. Joshua disappeared for almost nine months before returning in March to have some more fun!

Check out some of the pics from his videos and click through each to watch the full scene. Let me know in the comments what you think of Joshua too, don’t you hope he comes back one day?