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Happy Christmas from everyone at STAXUS!

Happy Christmas from everyone at STAXUS!

We just wanted to write a quick post on the blog to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

We’re not going anywhere, of course. We’ll still be here on the blog enjoying all the latest news and gossip from the site over the coming week, sharing some great trailers and pics from the new videos coming up and the new arrivals on the site. If you find yourself at a loose end at any time over the holidays you can count on us to be here with something hot and horny to share with you.

Let’s be honest, we’ll all need a break from the merriment and socializing to have some private time enjoying our favorite twink boys! There’s only so many old 80’s action movies starring Bruce Willis you can watch before you want some “special” entertainment :)

Everyone at STAXUS, from the boys on set to the guys behind the cameras and all the staff in the offices, hopes you all have a glorious time this week. Enjoy some drinks, share some gifts, eat some wonderful food, then fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours and check in with us when you wake up :)

We’re all looking forward to what’s coming to the site in the New Year, there’s going to be a lot to enjoy!