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Coming Soon on Staxus: Chester Owen returns to welcome new boy David Doren

Coming Soon on Staxus: Chester Owen returns to welcome new boy David Doren

He arrived back in September, but it’s been more than two months since we last saw Chester Owen. This handsome and sexy Swedish boy has delivered three scenes so far and gained a lot of fans thanks to his eagerness for dick and ass. The versatile boy is a natural performer and I knew the fans would be wanting more of him.

Well, thankfully we’re getting another helping of the sexy young man in the new STICKY MUCKY SPUNKTEXTERS opening scene, and he’s welcoming another great new boy too!

Check out handsome, smooth, adorable new arrival David Doren.

It’s like a little Christmas gift for us, and I think when you guys unwrap this present in a couple of days you’re really going to be pleased with what you find.

The trailer for this new video is here and it’s amazing, starting out with some anal play right from the start. Sweet and smooth little twink David is a couple of knuckles deep in the fit young Swedes asshole, probing him and exploring that pucker.

The boy’s cock is soon out of his jeans for Chester to suck on, but that’s not all. The boy’s perfect little rump is soon up in the air as Chester licks him out and savors his tight little hole.

You might be thinking that this new boy is going to be the one taking that raw dick up his hole, but you would be wrong! We’ve seen Chester enjoying the feel of a cock up his ass three times now, and we’re getting a fourth in this one.

Chester impaled his butt down on that naked cock, his own longer dick swinging around and throbbing, then he’s on his back being fucked by the adorable boy, before bending over and giving us a great view from below as David thrusts in and out of his pucker.

It has to be said that this new boy is amazing to watch. He looks so sweet and so innocent, but it’s clear that he’s definitely not. He might only be young and he might be new to appearing on video, but this boy isn’t new to enjoying his naked dick with other boys.

Take a look at the trailer for this one and be ready for the full video to drop. I expect to see a lot of love for this new boy, he’s a perfect gift for us over this Christmas and I can’t wait to see what we get from him in 2018 too.

And, aren’t we all glad to see Chester back after a couple of months away from the site?

While you’re waiting for this new video I would recommend clicking through to see what Chester has given us so far.