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New Scene on Staxus: Boris Proves A Lifesaver & Takes A New Boy’s Cherry In Return! HD

New Scene on Staxus: Boris Proves A Lifesaver & Takes A New Boy’s Cherry In Return! HD

Yes, we have a brand new boy to enjoy and I have a feeling the fans are gonna be wanting to see a lot more of him after this debut with Boris Lang in the Pool Boy series. His name is James Kingston, and he’s a handsome and fit young German performer with a great dick and a hot little ass that a lot of the guys are gonna want to experience for themselves.

It’s been a long time since I last went swimming, but after seeing gay lifeguard Boris getting his freak on with new boy James in this video I might be tempted to get back into it. If only I could be “rescued” by a handsome and buff young hunk like him!

That’s the theme for this one, with Boris playing the role of the handsome lifeguard on duty with only young James to watch over. Naturally, with such a sexy guy in front of him the horny stud can’t help but dive into a fantasy (get it? Dive? Okay, that was terrible. Moving on).

He’s soon saving the young man from drowning, laying him out on the bench by the pool, giving him the kiss of life, which soon brings the young man around and becomes a passionate make out session. Of course, this is a little silly, if you’d almost drowned your priority probably wouldn’t be getting it on with a dude no matter how gorgeous he is, but then I guess we wouldn’t have much of a scene to enjoy if they headed straight to the hospital lol

Rest assured these guys know what their priorities are as Boris gets started on the young man’s cock, revealing his long and throbbing erection from his speedos and wasting little time getting his lips around it.

I love seeing this buff young man sucking cock. I get the feeling he started out totally inexperienced when it comes to enjoying other guy’s dicks, but you can tell he’s discovered a lot about himself in recent videos and the way he worships that tasty dick suggests he’s learned to love it.

His own amazing muscle boy dick is soon being sucked by James, a boy who clearly has a lot of experience in providing some great oral.

And speaking of oral, rimming fans are gonna absolutely love the sight of Boris tonguing his new friend’s ass. He really gets into it, getting between those cheeks and working that hole, ready to slide his wet naked cock into him.

Man, the fucking these guys share is perfect, the ass-to-mouth sucking and slurping is great, and the angles and shots we get as muscle boy Boris owns that hole and takes them both to a cum erupting finish is going to have you all joining in with them too.

Check out some of the pics from the video and click through for the full scene, this one is likely to make it into your faves list for plenty of viewing in the future.