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Behind the Scenes: Boris Lang and Johnathan Strake in Charlie Foxtrot

Behind the Scenes: Boris Lang and Johnathan Strake in Charlie Foxtrot

You haven’t enjoyed the full video yet, but these behind the scenes pics of handsome young hunk Boris Lang and sweet young twink Johnathan Strake will probably have you a little more excited for its arrival tomorrow.

I would recommend checking out the trailer here.

So, what was it like on set with these two boys? Aside from them looking a little bored in these pics (honestly, they do look a little down, right?) they actually had a great time with each other.

I know Johnathan was really looking forward to getting to know handsome muscle boy Boris, and the feeling was definitely mutual. They’d both seen each other on set before this and they liked the look of each other, so when they had the chance to team up for this scene in the Charlie Foxtrot series they were both really looking forward to it.

Apparently that was made clear when both boys had to take breaks a couple of times to stop their jizz loads from pumping out.

Boris was the first, having to call a time out while he was sucking on sexy young Johnathan. His dick was so hard in his pants while he was licking and slurping the young man he was sure he was gonna explode cum in his underwear before he even got his dick out for Johnathan to taste.

Then it was Johnathan’s turn to take a break after Boris slid his dick into his ass. This boy loves to get fucked, and his cock was dribbling precum almost the whole time. He got close to busting his load out a couple of times while the buff boy was inside his hole and going to town on his tight little ass.

Thankfully they both held back and managed to spend a couple of hours together on set, creating this awesome video for us.

I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys together. They make a great team, complimenting each other perfectly. When you get a jock boy and a slight little twink together like this it usually leads to a great session between them.

Check out some of the pics of the boys hanging out on set and making some hot porn for their fans, and be ready to click into the site tomorrow for the full video. I get the feeling a lot of you guys will be wanking out some cum to this one more than a couple of times – I know I will :)