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That Time When Yuri Adamov took a shower of hot cum from 5 tops

That Time When Yuri Adamov took a shower of hot cum from 5 tops

If you haven’t seen this video from the Police Prowlers series yet then I think you’re gonna want to click through and check it out in all its glory.

The video was split into three parts because the action was so amazing and non-stop and when it came to editing there was just too much to keep, almost none of it was edited out to be abandoned on the cutting room floor.

The first two scenes of the hardcore orgy action were amazing, but the sight of gorgeous young Russian twink Yuri Adamov taking cock after cock and load after load from 5 of the horniest boys was one of the biggest highlights of 2015 for me.

I can’t believe it’s been two years since this one was released on the site, but it’s got me thinking that perhaps we need another great orgy and bukkake finish like this.

Yuri did a great job, taking the hard and drooling naked cocks of Benjamin Dunn, Nick Vargas, Noah Matous, Ray Mannix and Troy Vara, slurping on one while another was in his ass, the others wanking off over him and sharing their meat with each other as they all built up their cum loads.

And that brings us to the real highlight of this video, with every cock in the room gushing out hos ropes of juicy cream all over the boy, splashing their nut in his eyes, his mouth, over his ass and cock… he was dripping with semen by the end of it all and it led to plenty of the fans busting out big loads too.

Check out a couple of the pics of the boy gobbling those dicks and helping them build up those big messy loads for him to take all over him and make sure you click through for the video.