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On set with Mark: Titus Snow and David Sky really hit it off!

On set with Mark: Titus Snow and David Sky really hit it off!

So, you guys know that I have a secret squirrel in the STAXUS HQ office, and every now and then I get some juicy gossip from behind the scenes that you won’t find anywhere else. Well, I have another new friend to get some gossip from, and this time he’s right there on set where all the action is!

Mark is going to be our new BFF, he’s promised to share some great stories with me and give us the inside scoop on what’s been going on with the boys when they get in front of the cameras, things that you definitely wont see in the finished product.

We’re kicking things off with a new piece of gossip he’s shared with me from the recent shoot with Titus Snow and David Sky for the Raw Builders series. Apparently this was the first time the two boys met, but Mark could tell right away that they were going to get along extremely well.

He was proven right! Titus was so into sexy young David he was offering to suck his cock for him while the cameras weren’t even rolling, and of course the sexy young man happily accepted the offer. Thankfully Mark managed to get some of the fun they had on video, so scroll down to check that out.

If you haven’t seen the video with these boys for the Raw Builders series you should check that out, and know that when they were done they swapped underwear. Yeah, Titus took David’s underwear home with him and David did likewise, no doubt to wank out a few more loads breathing in each other’s sweet ball scent! :)

I think we’re gonna be getting some great stories from Mark in the weeks and months to come. He’s already hinted to me that he has another great one to tell me about next week, with Lucas Drake hiding a sex toy in an interesting place while the whole crew were looking for it! Make sure you stay tuned to the blog for that one and plenty more to come, this is gonna be a lot of fun :)