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Model Focus: Tony Conrad

Model Focus: Tony Conrad

He’s the handsome and fit young star we would all love to spend a night with (or several) and it’s about time we took a closer look at this gorgeous boy and some of the great videos he’s been in.

When Tony Conrad arrived he became an instant hit with the fans, and it’s easy to see why. He’s such a handsome young man, so fit and ever-so-slightly toned too. He has the perfect body, the perfect face and a perfect uncut cock that he certainly knows how to use.

In all honesty, I think he’s the kind of boy who could have been a male model (still could), he is just so good-looking you can imagine him posing for a fashion photographer.

We were actually pretty lucky to get him, he spent a while wondering whether appearing on camera was right for him and thankfully decided to jump in and give it a go. It’s hard to imagine that a boy like him would be lacking in confidence when it comes to showing off, but he did hesitate about it.

But what a great decision it was. From the very first video with him bottoming for Mickey Rush we knew we were on to a winner. The fans knew it, and so did a few of the other performers who apparently started calling and emailing the office asking if they could get some screen time with the handsome new arrival.

Some of them did, of course, but you’ll have to guess which of the boys pleaded for some time on screen with him because we’re not telling :)

The Czech boy continued to deliver amazing scenes, 12 in total, with some of the most horny young men we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

He went on to top with some of our most impressive boys, and I think we all agree that whether he was the one in control or the one getting it in the butt he delivered something special every time.

I guess doing porn is a bit of a change from being a bar man in Prague, but he took to it like a duck to water and I think I speak for us all when I say we would love to see him back to share some more horny fun with the guys.

Check out some pics from some of his best appearances and make sure you click through to see everything he’s done. Believe me, you’ll be there a while enjoying every video of his!