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Model Focus: Noah Matous

Model Focus: Noah Matous

He’s recognized as one of the most adorable and sexy young stars we’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy here at STAXUS, and I think all the fans would agree with that statement. We’ve seen some great stars over the years, but Noah Matous has to be one of the brightest.

When this gorgeous young man arrived back in March 2015 everyone knew instantly that he was going to become a fan favorite. In fact, within the first week of him being here we saw so many new members signing up he was being booked up for new scenes for the following 6 months. He’s been here for longer than that, though, and it’s all because of the fan’s love for him.

He’s no doubt one of the sweetest, most fun, adorable young stars, always brightening up the shooting day and making it memorable for everyone involved. From what I’ve heard, when this cute little Czech boy arrives on set everyone knows they’re gonna have a great time.

He loves being on set too, he’s been in the background for some other scenes he wasn’t scheduled to be in just because he wanted to come and hang out on set while his buddies had sex. He’s made a lot of friends in his time here so you can imagine he finds himself behind the cameras watching the fun quite often!

When he’s not on set, performing or just hanging out with his buddies, he can usually be found at the local bars, restaurants and parks, hanging out with his friends and playing with his adorable little pup. No surprise he’s an animal lover, which just makes him even more adorable!

He’s a very sociable young man and has so many friends it can be hard to catch him on his own for more than ten minutes, but we don’t mind that. It’s actually a good thing because he’s introduced us to some of those friends and we’ve seen more than a couple of them on video since. Can you guess which boys they might be?

If you’ve never seen him on video you simply have to go and check out his profile on the site, once you do you’ll be binge watching everything he’s done so far. You should know before you go and start watching that he’s a natural on camera and knows how to have fun, so be prepared for some of the best sex you’ve ever seen from an adorable young twin like him.

Check out some of the pics from just a few of the videos he’s been in so far. He’s been in 26 videos so far, and they’ve all been great, so you can imagine how hard it’s been to narrow it down to just these photos! :)

If you’re a fan of Noah’s, leave a comment below and let all the new arrivals reading about him for the first time know which video you recommend they watch. I know a lot of you are real fans of the boy so surely you have a fave scene to suggest?