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Coming Soon on Staxus: Football player Casey Flip knows how to get his way!

Coming Soon on Staxus: Football player Casey Flip knows how to get his way!

Everyone loves Milan Sharp, if you don’t then you’re simply wrong. He’s one of the most handsome and fit young stars, and he so many natural talent when it comes to performing for the cameras and he never really needs to pretend; he loves cock, he loves getting fucked and topping other boys, and he really loves the idea that the sight of him having fun with his friends gets guys like us splashing out big loads all around the world.

Casey Flip is the new arrival getting the chance to fill that boy hole with his big bareback dick for this latest scene, back after his recent scene flip flop fucking with gorgeous Rudy Stone.

We’re staying in the footballer theme for this one, with Casey playing the part of the talented player looking to switch up to the next team. He need to make sure he has the support of sexy Milan before he can start the process of transferring, but he knows how to get him “on side” so to speak!

As you can see from this trailer, Milan is easily convinced, but then so would you be if you had this sexy young footballer willing to share his solid young uncut dick with you!

With both boys swapping their leaking cocks in some great mutual oral, Milan takes it all the way and scores a goal by slipping his tight pucker down on that rampant naked length, riding his younger player and jacking himself off as the pleasure flows through him.

I’m not gonna tell you everything that happens here, you need to watch the trailer and the fill scene when it arrives, but I can tell you that the finish is messy and will definitely have you erupting with them!